Mike Ross

Suits – Just an outfit for most people, but to the ones who have been enlightened, Suits = Harvey + Mike. It’s one of the best corporate themed shows out there in TV land.

This show has been around for quite a while, but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve become a fan. It was a usual weeknight, I was surfing through channels trying to find something to watch while I ate dinner, when it happened. Harvey and Mike were in the middle of the Hessington case. There was nothing else to watch so I stayed on the same channel.

 It wasn’t love at first sight, it was more like ‘hmm, interesting, let’s see what happens next’. Well, a week is all it took for me to become a huge fan. And it was all because of Mike Ross. I cannot get over his character.

He is the perfect combination of Heart and Smart. (Trivia: You know, there is a dog food brand called Smartheart). He is the perfect human. I want to be him. He is so smart!

Now, since I had started off with Season 3, I continued on to season 5. Then recently I felt like going back to the beginning – Season 1. This is when I really felt connected to the show. The beginning of Mike’s story.

The way Mike got the job was epic. I kind of draw parallels to the way I got my current job. Mind you, I’m not saying I’m as smart as Mike, but I get what it feels like to want a job in a particular field so bad, even though you don’t have the right kind of experience.

Mike’s first day at work shows him taking in the entire corporate complex. I relate to that because I had the same feeling going into my first day at work. In the show, we get a glimpse of what Mike sees and feels when he enters the corporate complex. He was overwhelmed, as was I, that is, with the company I work for.


Another aspect of Mike is that he is a pure soul. He treats people like people. He is not a cut-throat associate, he cares for the client. He even treats his colleagues with respect, even though they aren’t as gracious with him.

There was a scene where Mike made a deal with his colleague to exchange tasks. But the other guy wasn’t genuine and Mike ended up doing a shit load of work. After he got done, while he was walking back towards the canteen, some of his colleagues made fun of him.

The scene shows him feeling completely alone, with no one with him. I related to this scene a lot. I know how that feels, not fitting in.


But he still powers through, you have good days and bad days. Here Mike called his friend Trevor, although Trevor is not a good guy.

I have a friend too, she is nothing like Trevor. She is my person, just like Meredith has Christina(referring to the early days of Grey’s Anatomy). She has my back and I’ve got hers(you know who you are).

Suits = Season 3

Anyways, this is it for now. I’m sure there are going to be a couple of more Suits related posts. Stay tuned or not, it’s your call, no pressure!

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