Mind Fudged

Everything seems to be getting to me. I’m so fed up of listening to people’s crappy opinions. Why can’t people just stop trying to put someone else down? Like for instance, putting down women. C’mon man, don’t talk to me about it. It takes so much effort not to tell people to just shut the... Continue Reading →

Getting Off The Battlefield

Since starting to write again, I feel like I’ve opened the emotional floodgates. For a long time I just stopped processing things that happened. I turned to Instagram and TV shows to ignore the emotions. But now since ‘the post a week resolution’, some days are too much to handle. But I have to do... Continue Reading →

The Resolution: A Post A Week

Hi everyone! Okay, realistically, I know I don’t have many regular readers. I know my soulmate will be reading this, Hi yeobs! You know who you are. So yes, I have decided to write a post a week. I have been away for quite a while but now I’m back.I’ve missed writing. I was watching... Continue Reading →

Sanely Reckless

I survived Covid. And this was the start of a completely new book in my life. The title – I Don’t Care. Something hit home when I was not well – Death can come for us at any moment in time. And then it’s over, like game over. This makes most of the things that... Continue Reading →


As I lay on my bed, listening to my pick of piano covers on Spotify, I gazed up at the glow in the dark stars on my ceiling. A feeling of hopelessness engulfed me. It wasn’t the sad kind, it was more of a ‘it is what it is’ kind of feeling. That is when... Continue Reading →

Cut The Leash

I was watching an episode from the show ‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay’ and came across one surprisingly meaningful story. Well, at least it was very meaningful to me. The gist of the story – The main character: a dog that was always leashed in a field. During the day he was happy as... Continue Reading →

A Pandemic Christmas

Christmas, that special time of year that was the highlight of my life, at least until 2018. Stuff happened, and it has extinguished the flame of this beautiful season. I have been trying to revive it, but it was making me feel even more sad. Today though, I realised something, all the stuff that happened... Continue Reading →

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