Today’s WordPress bloganuary prompt – Write about something mysterious.

Okay, so there are two things that have happened in my life that I cannot explain. But for now, let’s go with one – a memory.

I remember something that happened with my Aunt who is in Canada. We were at the park with her son. There was a blue slide. I can picture this slide clearly. And while we were there another kid was riding a tri-cycle and knocked down her son aka my cousin.

My aunt was angry and started arguing with the other kid’s mother. And that’s the end of the memory.

For years, I thought this was a recording. Because when the other kid knocks down my cousin, he rides right up to my aunt and it looks like she drops the camera.

After many years I asked her about this incident that she recorded. Here is the freaky thing – there is no video. Nothing of that incident was recorded. But it did happen in the exact way I describe it.

The scene in my mind’s eye looks like I am seeing things from my aunt’s perspective, but a little higher than her, like floating above her.

Till date no explanation for it. So, I guess I’ve travelled to Canada, at least not physically.

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