Me As A Tree

Describe yourself as a tree – WordPress Bloganuary Prompt.

If I was a tree, I imagine myself as an Oak tree, even though I haven’t seen one in real life. But I like how peaceful it looks in pictures. It has a huge trunk with branches spread across all around.

That would be me. Somewhere far into the forest away from the hustle and bustle of humans. I would be at a distance from the other trees, but not too far away. There would be a wide berth of grass around me. I would be able to see the other trees. So, we would be able to communicate but I would have my personal space.

My branches would be full of birds. A birds housing complex you could say. And the shade I provided would be used by spotted deer during their afternoon nap. Once in a while humans would sit under my branches and admire me.

There would be humans who would try to carve words on my trunk. But the birds would swoop down on them. The birds and I would take care of each other. But there would be one girl who would visit me often who I would love very much.

She would just stand at a distance and gaze at me. And every once in a while she would take a picture of me on her phone. Whenever I would see her I would feel a peaceful connection. She would seem at peace and at ease when she was with me. And that girl would be me.

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