favourite photo toyota fortuner

Favourite Photo I’ve Taken

Do you see the cover photo? Yup, that is the one. It is my Dad's Toyota Fortuner. Usually, after my Dad drops us off at Goa and it is time for him to head home, he would leave the car parked in a neighbour's garage. But that year he left it to me. So, I… Continue reading Favourite Photo I’ve Taken

cooked meat on plate
Minhyuk and Daniella, Perfect Snapshots

Lunch Date

I was going to have lunch with Minhyuk in Seoul. I couldn’t believe it, but it was happening. How did I even say ‘yes’? What is wrong with me? Why start something when it would end anyways. This was just a holiday in South Korea. Who knows when I would come back here, except for… Continue reading Lunch Date

fireworks cover
Minseok and Mackenzie, Perfect Snapshots


“Babe, do you need anything from the city?”, Minseok asked Mackenzie as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her lightly. They were in the garage, right next to their Audi Q7. “Yes”, she said against his lips. “Mmm”, he mourned as he continued to kiss her. “Okay, what do you need?”, he asked… Continue reading Fireworks

surprise two cover
Minseok and Mackenzie, Perfect Snapshots

Surprise – Part Two

“Min, seriously, where are we going?”, I asked Minseok as the route he was taking lead off onto mud road. “We’re almost there…”, he replied, and as if right on cue, in the distance I spotted a clearing overlooking a lake. “Is this the same lake outside our house?” “Yes, we are on the opposite… Continue reading Surprise – Part Two