“Babe, do you need anything from the city?”, Minseok asked Mackenzie as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her lightly. They were in the garage, right next to their Audi Q7.

“Yes”, she said against his lips.

“Mmm”, he mourned as he continued to kiss her.

“Okay, what do you need?”, he asked her as they leaned against the side of the Audi. His face was just about an inch away from Kenzie’s, as she could feel his breath against her cheek.

“I want you”, she said as she locked her arms around the back of his neck and pulled him closer. He buried his face in the nape of her neck, his breath tickling her.

“Minseok”, she giggled and let go of him. But he pushed himself closer to her, wedging her against the side of the Audi. Every inch of her was pressed up against him.

“Why don’t you come with me?”, he asked as he left a trail of kisses along the length of her neck.

“I really want to, but I need to take our doggies to the vet today”, today was the only day she could get an appointment for their annual vaccinations. The next available slot was about three weeks away, which would be quite late for their follow up shots.

She tried to wriggle her way out of Minseok’s embrace. She knew if one of them didn’t stop, Minseok wouldn’t be able to make it in time for his meeting.

“Why are you leaving me!!!”, Minseok whined as he pulled her back into his arms and began kissing her again.

“Babe, you’ll be late”, she said as he left her lips to catch his breath. But within a few seconds he crushed his lips against hers once again. This time Kenzie didn’t try to stop him and let herself get caught up in the moment.

Minseok was pleased with himself and Kenzie could feel his smile against her lips. This turned on Kenzie even more. She pressed herself up against him and slid her palms up his neck and tugged at his hair.

At the same time, Minseok’s palms were having a free run all over her body.

They were brought out of their frenzy when Minseok’s phone vibrated.

“Oh shit!”

“What?”, Mackenzie asked, as she lightly bit down on Minseok’s neck.

“Mmm”, Minseok mourned and went back to kissing her.

“Ok, Min-Min, what did you see on your phone?”, Mackenzie asked after about a few seconds as she pulled away from Minseok’s lips.

“Oh yeah, the meeting got pushed back by an hour”, he said as he tried to get back to Mackenzie’s lips.

But this time, Kenzie put her index finger on his lips and managed to open the driver’s door and pushed Min inside.

“It is time for you to go”, she said as she patted down Minseok’s hair that was a bit messed up thanks to her. She then got out a tissue from the tissue box in the car and wiped Minseok’s lips that were all shiny thanks to her Chapstick.

Minseok was still in shock as he was taken by surprise by how quickly he was pushed inside the car.

She kissed him one last time and closed the door.

He smiled at her as he rolled down the window.

“That was quick”, he said and continued to gaze at her.

“Come back soon”, she said as she leaned against the door. Minseok tried to kiss her again but she pulled away just in time.

“NO!”, she giggled, “We’ll continue once you’re back tonight”

“But I want to kiss you now”, he whined feigning anger.

“You really know how to be cute…”

“Cuz I am cute”, he said and cringed.

“Let’s go out tonight”

“Sweetie, won’t you be tired, we’ll go some other time”

“No, we’ll go tonight, you drive and take care of me while we’re out”

“Of course, but let’s decide once you know what time you’ll be wrapping up”

“Ok”, he said and continued to stare at her.

“Ok, now go…”

“I’m going, I’m going…”

He put the car in drive and waved goodbye to Kenzie as he slowly inched out of the driveway.

“See you tonight”, he called out.

“See you!”

A Lakeside Scene

It was late morning at Lake 192. The weather was pleasant. The sun was shining brightly in the sky with a cool breeze blowing every now and then. Minseok was seated at the picnic table overlooking the beautiful lake, completely immersed in the laptop in front of him. “Hi Min-Min, watcha doin?”, I asked as…

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