Lake 192 – The Dream

My best friend and I finally made it to Lake 192. The pandemic was behind us or at least, not a deadly threat anymore. Vaccinations were no more mandatory as the world was blessed with an over-the-counter oral tablet to handle it.

So, we finally did it – applied for two weeks leave and booked a holiday package to South Korea. The first week was packed with sightseeing, while the second week we booked Lake 192. Our dream to stay at Lake 192 had finally become a reality.

It was all thanks to BTS that we learnt about this place. We enjoyed watching ‘BTS – In The SOOP’ and fell in love with the peacefulness and quietness of Lake 192. Whenever work or life got to us, we would keep talking about making a trip to this secluded place in South Korea.

And here we were, on our second week in South Korea, sitting at the picnic table having breakfast. The upper house wasn’t available as it was booked by someone else. But we had a dream of sitting at that table up there at night.

lake 192 perfect moment morning

We decided to ask the person who booked the upper house to let us have a late-night cup of coffee one night. But for the time being, we enjoyed being by the lake along with the occasional visit from the owner’s dog every now and then.

That day, we decided to take a look at the upper house just to see the table we kept talking about. And when we did go there, it was better than what we ever imagined. To our surprise, there was a piano placed outside, right next to the front door.

No one seemed to be home, so we decided to take our chance and just sit at that table. And man, it was so good, just sitting there and looking out onto the driveway. After a few minutes, I went to the piano and started playing a few BTS songs – mainly ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Stay Gold’ as those were the only two songs I managed to learn. ‘I Need You’ is on the list.

My friend enjoyed it, even though I kept playing the same two songs over and over again.

Suddenly, the front door opened and a very sleepy human with his bed hair squinted at me and then at my friend. This startled the two of us and we immediately jumped up, apologised and hurried away.

“It’s ok, it’s ok”, he called out in his sleepy voice.

“Is it ok if we come here tonight just to have a cup of coffee? It’ll be late night, we won’t disturb you”, I took my chance and asked him.


“Thank you”

And the two of us hurried down the slope hand in hand giggling at how awkward we had been. But we were happy that we could come back that night.

And the story continues…

Peaceful Night

So, that night after dinner, my friend and I took a flask of coffee and cups to the upper house. It seemed like the boy we saw that morning was not at home. The house lights were off except for the veranda where the table stood. We sat there grinning and enjoying our coffee. We…

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