Peaceful Night

So, that night after dinner, my friend and I took a flask of coffee and cups to the upper house. It seemed like the boy we saw that morning was not at home. The house lights were off except for the veranda where the table stood.

We sat there grinning and enjoying our coffee. We ended up talking about all we had been through and how we felt so distanced from it thanks to this trip. We dreaded going back to our life but decided not to think about it.

We just felt at peace being away from it all. After about an hour we headed back down to our place. We slept in the bedroom which Namjoon used in BTS In The SOOP – the one with the glass wall opposite the bed. The view was amazing. My friend was asleep the minute her head hit the pillow, but sleep seemed to avoid me.

So, I decided to go back to the upper house. I was a bit scared at first, but then I saw the owner’s dog on our lawn and he kept me company while I walked up the slope to the upper house.

To my surprise, I saw someone sitting at the table. It was the boy from that morning. I did an about-turn trying to get away as quickly as possible but I was too late. He had already seen me and called out.

“Hi! It’s ok, come over”, he said, his voice livelier than that morning.

I smiled and walked over. He was busy on his laptop and had his headset around his neck.

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He smiled and continued his work. So, I sat there looking out onto the driveway and part of the sky that wasn’t blocked by the overhead roof.

He didn’t try to make conversation which was such a relief. I could sit there in peace and without feeling self-conscious.

After about half an hour I felt sleepy and decided to head back down. I looked at him and just waved and he waved back and I left.

When I got back to the house I went to bed and slept a peaceful sleep after a long long time.

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