Sweet Nothings

The next day was filled with my best friend and I just chilling and eating. It was such a peaceful time for the two of us. We were enjoying our break to the fullest. We made plans to come and settle down in South Korea and open a Mandu stall. After all that we had been through (and still going through) mentally, this dream was our escape, so we indulged in it. After a long time we just let go and allowed ourselves to dream.

That night, again I wasn’t able to sleep. So, this time, instead of going to the upper house table, I decided to go to the picnic table on our lawn. As usual, my night companion – the owner’s dog – kept me company. I lay down on the bench and looked up at the night sky.

The soothing sound of the lake waters had a very calming effect. I was completely at peace. After a few minutes, I heard a soft crunching sound like someone was walking across the grassy lawn. I thought it was the dog but when I looked down I found him sleeping right next to the bench.

I was spooked and immediately sat upright only to see a dark figure walking towards me. I screamed and the figure screamed too, dropping something to the floor. From his scream I realised it was our neighbour from the upper house.

“Aish”, he sighed and bent over to pick up what he had dropped. I quickly got up and ran over to him.

“Oh gosh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you… ”

“No, no, I’m sorry. I was just as spooked as you were”, he grinned and we both giggled at each other.

“Is it okay if I sit by the picnic table?”, he asked.

“Sure, sure, I’m just passing the time…”

So, I went back to lying on the bench while he sat on the opposite side of the table, busy on his laptop with his headset on.

I had fallen asleep on the bench and got up when I felt water splashing on my face. It had started to drizzle and I immediately got to my feet. But my body was so stiff because of laying on the bench. Getting older had its perks of aches and cramps.

I saw the neighbour asleep on the other bench too. His laptop and earphones were on the table and were getting rained on. I grabbed the equipment and shook him awake.

“Hey! Get up, it’s raining…”

He squinted at me and seemed to be dazed. So, I tugged at his long sleeve hoodie and made him get to his feet. But he just stood there looking up at the rain.

“Come here!” I said and caught his wrist and pulled him inside our house.

“My head hurts”, he whined. I realised my head was aching too.

“Here, sit on the couch”, I said and guided him to the sofa and he lay his head back exposing his neck.

“My equipment!”, he suddenly jumped up and yelled.

“Ssshhhhhh…., Callie is asleep”

“My equipment”, he whispered and ran towards the front door.

“It’s here”, I said and pointed towards the kitchen counter where I had placed the laptop and headset.

“Thank you”, he seemed to have woken up completely and gleamed with happiness once he saw his equipment.

It was raining quite heavily for a few minutes and just as abruptly as it started it lulled to a drizzle.

“I’ll head back to my place, thank you for taking care of my stuff”

“No worries, here take this”, I said as I handed him an umbrella.

“It’s ok, it’s just a drizzle”

“Your laptop and headset may get wet”

He paused for a few seconds and then took the umbrella, “Thanks”, he said blushing.

“Goodnight…”, he called out as he stepped through the front door.


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