The Wise One – Kim Seokjin

One of the coolest humans on earth – Kim Seokjin. The eldest member of BTS, part of the vocal line, the one whose take on life always makes me feel at ease.

His words of wisdom are like a breath of fresh air. Especially amidst the mechanical inspirational stories or quotes that celebrities tend to put out into the world. So, without further ado, let’s dive into Jin’s ideas on life.

The first thing that stood out to me was when he said something on the lines of knowing what he can and cannot do. And he accepts all of it. This was something to do with the dancing and singing aspect of his career. He knows his strengths and weaknesses and has accepted them.

This helped me put into perspective how I view myself in my career. It helped me accept who I am and not let the not-so-great points get me down. Rather, just accept who you are and deal with it. This makes life so much easier than wasting time fretting over the not-so-great parts of your capabilities.

The second thing that stood out to me was something very recent. It was his take on how you spend your free time. He likes to game, but he said gaming is viewed as a waste of time. And that he should do something to further his career or get a hobby.

But he counters with this – if you keep doing something when you want to relax, are you really relaxing? Don’t you need to do something that helps you rest?

I like doing nothing. But people tend to view doing nothing as a waste of time. But what Jin said makes so much sense to me. Doing nothing productive is what helps me rest. Sometimes it is just sitting and listening to classical music. And at other times it’s scrolling through Instagram. And my favourite – sleep or just laying in bed.

So what? This is how I spend my free time. There is no need for anyone else to understand that doing nothing is something I love. Jin’s words made perfect sense.

These two ideas of Kim Seokjin are so apt for life. It helps you just chill and accept who you are completely. Jin, know that you have a fan who relates to your take on life and loves every bit of it!

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