Courage – Min Yoongi

I can’t explain how courageous I find Min Yoongi. Usually, I try to stay away from getting too much information on an artist’s personal life. I like just knowing the side they want to share and leaving their personal life alone.

But the exceptions to this rule are BTS and Taylor Swift. In the sense that if someone messes with them on a personal or professional level, I get bugged. So, I pray for them to be ok.

Anyways back to Min Yoongi. I know that his family did not support his dream of being a rapper in the beginning. He was all alone. But he had the drive to go for it. The strength in that itself is unimaginable. I cannot begin to fathom the amount of pain he must’ve been in internally – just alone, not knowing whether you’ll make it or not.

Even the accident that caused his shoulder injury. It was a life-changing event. He has been through so much on a personal level.

Even though I am two years older than him, I keep imagining having a real and genuine conversation with Min Yoongi. I picture us sitting at the table in the upper house of Lake 192 just talking about life.

I make us coffee and we sit next to each other, staring out onto the driveway as we talk. I can’t seem to figure out the details of the conversation, but I just know it is a very real conversation about life.

There is something very calming when I think about this scene in my mind’s eye. It isn’t lovey-dovey or any of that mushiness. It is just two humans, being themselves and enjoying each other’s company while sipping on a yummy cup of coffee.

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