Betrayal – the worst experience of life. It has no lesson to teach, just unnecessary trauma. I don’t see why anyone needs to experience betrayal. It doesn’t make you a better person, it just seals the fact that you will never be able to trust anyone ever again.

You will never see it coming. The impact it has on you is both physical and emotional. You feel like death would be better. Your mind, body and soul take a hit that they were never prepared to deal with.

There is no getting over betrayal. It kills your soul, leaving you just a shell of a person. You need to switch off your emotions just to survive. The hurt caused by betrayal is unimaginable. Only people who have experienced betrayal will understand.

All I can say is this – feel the pain betrayal has caused you. If you try to ignore it, you are only delaying the inevitable devastation. So just let go and drown in your sorrows.

After a certain amount of time you will reach a dark, emotionless place. You will be at peace there, not a calming peace but a defeated kind of peace. That is when you will get the strength to get back up.

That is how you beat betrayal. It is not revenge, it is not forgiveness. It is letting betrayal rip you to pieces until there is no more soul left to kill. That is when you pick yourself up and put the pieces of your soul back together – stronger and wiser than ever before.

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