BTS – Bangtan Boys. Jin, Jimin, V, RM, Suga, Jungkook and J-Hope: group members.

For most people BTS needs no introduction, but for the ones out there that do not know them – they are a South Korean boy band that has taken the world by storm.

Wait, don’t leave just yet. They aren’t just a teen sensation, they go above and beyond that, they are a force that the music industry never knew it needed. So let me tell you how I became a fan.

I was introduced to BTS by my youngest sister –  a school going kid. This was about two years ago. I used to listen to their songs with her but couldn’t understand the meaning of the lyrics. And I didn’t sit down to watch the subtitled videos.

That was it, for 2 years. But this year was when everything changed. They dropped their new album – Map Of The Soul 7. My sister played the song Outro: Ego. BOOM, I was hooked. J-Hope sings the song and the lyrics hold a couple of English sentences, giving you an idea about what it’s about.

The MV(Music Video) helps too, you don’t need subtitles to understand the message, graphics are enough to get the idea. There are certain scenes in the video that I could relate to, making it even more special to me. It came into my life at the right time. And J-Hope exudes such a happy vibe.

The next song was On. Now this one makes you feel like not giving up. The first video was a dance MV. Just watching it pumps you up and you feel invincible. Then the official MV came out. This one gives you a similar feeling too. It makes you want to keep moving forward.

Then comes Interlude: Shadow. Man, this one gives you the chills in a good way. It’s about what you want and to go and get it. The beats, Suga’s voice, the vibe, it’s just epic! If it’s one of those days where you feel like nothing, or feel helpless – listen to this song, it will help you.

Listen to these 3 songs, along with the music videos and you will see BTS in a new light –  a light that sets them apart from the rest. They aren’t just an Act, they are truly a group that believe in the message they stand for: Self-Love.

Watching their videos on YouTube, you get to know the members. And you see that they are a group that loves and respects each other, they are a family. They live a tough life, I’ve seen videos where they have fainted from exhaustion, but they are not fake. They are true to themselves, which makes them special.

Give BTS a chance, your playlist needs them.

BTS = Happiness

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