Park Saeroyi – My Idol

The world is owned by people who are filthy rich –  at least this is what each one of us comes to accept as we get older. It is an unsaid acceptance that most people on earth conform to. Human ethics and principles are sidelined effortlessly when it comes to money or when being persuaded by an entity that comes from money. The line drawn between right and wrong is wiped off instantly.

But then the world gets introduced to Park Saeroyi. He sees the world for what it truly is and takes a stand. He has a fixed set of right principles that he stands by, and nothing, absolutely nothing can sway him. He takes a stand in life, not many can do that.

The show ‘Itaewon Class’ starts off with us meeting Park Saeroyi when he is in school.  I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but some may just have to be there. Yes, so we meet Saeroyi Oppa in school. Here is where he stands up to someone who is bullying another student. It ends up with Saeroyi punching the bad guy.

No one in that school ever stopped the bully from his antics. Why? – His father is rich and controls people with money. Infact, Saeroyi gets a trashing in the Principal’s office, unbelievable, isn’t it? Well, believe it, because this happens in reality too.

The bully’s father tells Saeroyi that he will be forgiven if he kneels down before his son and apologizes. But our Oppa stands by his principles and does not oblige. He does not have a fear of people with connections and money. What is wrong is wrong, he does not back down.

Certain events take place(watch the show) and he is put in jail. Again, the bully’s father asks him to kneel down and apologize, then he will help him get out of jail, but Oppa refuses. He will not let this entity control him.

Revenge is what gets him to decided what he wants out of life, and he works towards it. Even in jail he never gave up on himself, he believed you can be anything you want to be, don’t let others judgement of you define who you are.

He lives life his way. One thing that really stood out to me is his refusal to ask anyone for help. He struggled and did everything himself. I relate to this because even I hate to ask any one for help, I do not like to use people.(I felt this a lot when I was looking for a job in Dubai) This was my stand a while ago, it wasn’t pride, it was about being genuine.

But, yes, after a while I realized that it is ok to ask for help when you genuinely are not trying to use the person. And I have asked people for help, but trust me, most people do not want to help you. The minute you ask, you get the vibe that they want to end the conversation.(I felt this a lot when Dubai did not work out and I came back home)

This is when I decided to not ask anyone for help. And I took a stand to treat people how I would have liked to be treated when I asked for help. I will never give false hope, and if I am completely sure I cannot help, I will tell it to them there and then.

Not asking for help can come across as pride, but would Park Saeroyi think so? No, because to him it is not pride, it is integrity. This is one point that really hit me, I want to be able to live life like this with no exceptions.

So, for now I leave you with few of the many values of Park Saeroyi – Taking a stand, Self-belief and Integrity.

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