Lake 192 – A Rainy Day

It was a rainy day at lake 192, giving out a sad yet calming vibe. It felt – nice. Well I was not very happy the past couple of days, because of my office work. I was working a lot but it was coming across like I was doing nothing, atleast that was what it felt like to me.

I decided to take Friday off and get a long weekend. It seemed to be the only day I could take an off since the past 3 to 4 weeks. I wanted to calm my mind and recharge. But Friday went by so fast and it was already Saturday evening.

I spent most of the time on the phone, I guess that’s the reason my time went by so fast and left me with this dull, aching feeling. The rain was perfect for the mood I was in, although it wasn’t a great mood. It’s just that sometimes I need to be sad to deal with it.

That’s when I looked on out towards the swing facing the lake. It seemed like a spot that emulated exactly what I was feeling – in the middle of a storm, looking out onto a beautiful scene that was blurred out.

perfect moment swing

So I decided to go on over there and sit in quiet thought for a while. I took my umbrella and started walking on over to the swing. Only then was when I realised how heavily it was raining. I couldn’t hear anything except for the rain beating down on everything in sight.

I ran on over to the swing and took shelter under its shed. That slight burst of energy made me smile. The swing was nice and dry. It had a soft cushioning on the seat and backrest. I took a seat *sigh* it was so cozy. It would have been really nice to have Min here with me, but may be another time. Right now being alone here is what I want and need.

And he kinda sensed it, because he didn’t follow me. He kept our puppies indoors too, I knew he stopped them from stepping out because Benjamin would have been with me within seconds. But Min knew I needed this time alone. Both of us had these phases where we just let each other be, we had a gut feeling about when it was one of those phases. I guess that is one of the reasons we go well together.

Anyways back to the swing. *sigh* the smell of fresh earth filled the air. It immediately made me feel refreshed. I couldn’t see much of the lake and mountains, except for when the rain took a break for a couple of minutes.

That’s when the scene before me filled me with calmness. Slowly the lake waters settled down, only to have light ripples on its surface. The mountains showed a very dull, yet visible dark green that gave the entire scene a mystical aura. Those few seconds of stillness felt like time stopped.

lake192 stillness
Source: (@lake192_com)

But just as abruptly as the scene broke into this peaceful stillness, it fell back into the chaotic rain. Somehow this back and forth felt like my life. There were moments of absolute peace which were abruptly disturbed by situations life throws at you, situations you do not want to be in.

But the thing is, amid all the disturbance, your peaceful place still exists, just like the beautiful lake and mountains. May be at this point you can’t see it, but it is right there in front of you. We just need to get through the chaos and without us knowing it, the storm will end and you’ll be back in your happy place.

Some days the storm gets too much to handle, but just picturing your happy place will help calm you down. This was the epiphany I had while sitting at the swing-set facing the lake. I sat there until it was late evening. It was still raining, but my mood wasn’t sad anymore, it was not happy either. It was just calmness. A calmness that gave me inner strength.  

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