That Perfect Moment

Last night, after a very long time, a couple of years to be specific, I had a moment of absolute peace. Everything seemed to align.

I used to be very close to this head space years ago. Not at that perfect point, but damn near close to it. It was then when I had that first perfect moment. I was in my car, on the way home from work. As usual, I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the flyover.

But I felt calm and at ease. I looked up at the night sky and felt completely happy. Just being behind the wheel, alone in my car, stuck in traffic with music playing in the background and a beautiful night sky over head, man that moment was the definition of blissful peace.

And then last night, it happened again. But this time the setting was different. It was quite late in the night. I had made myself a hot cup of coffee and tuned into an episode of ‘BTS : In The SOOP’. I had settled down and Benjamin(beagle) – my dog, was sitting at my feet, enjoying his rawhide bone.

I looked down at him enjoying, and that’s when ‘inner peace’ hit me. My dog was keeping me company, enjoying his bone; Namjoon, Hobi, Yoongi, Jin, Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook were on screen holidaying at a beautiful location; and I was sipping on a yummy cup of coffee.

Everything felt perfect. Nothing could have ruined that peaceful bliss. I just enjoyed being in that moment. It has passed away now, but just thinking of that moment makes me happy.

And the place where BTS was vacationing has called out to me. I have no idea about its exact location(I can google it , I know, but keeping it a mystery makes it feel enchanted), but I want to go there someday. It is such a serene place. I want to spend 2 weeks there, and live just like they did.

It looks like a villa you can rent. You’ve got to do everything yourself, just like you would in an airbnb. I’m going to do that once it is possible. I cannot put into words just how beautiful that location is.

It is located very close to a lake and consists of two villas. One has a green lawn all around and over looks this deep blue lake. There are luscious green mountains in the distance. It’s just so beautiful. I want to go there for my holiday.

perfect moment lake house

I picture myself on an easy chair facing the lake, with Benjamin playing on the lawn with his toys. Just thinking of that makes me happy. *Sigh*

Anyways, I hope I have more of these blissful moments, till then I’m going to cherish this one for a long, long time.

Flash Forward (A Dream)

I was on holiday at the lake house where BTS filmed In the SOOP. 3 weeks of complete bliss. I was so happy it finally happened.

It was a sunny morning with a cool breeze in the air. I pulled up an easy chair and took a seat facing the lake. Benjamin(beagle) and Whiskey(doberman) were running around on the lawn behind me.

perfect moment

“Mackenzie!”, called out my husband.


“Kenzie! Kenzie! Pali wa”

“Coming”, I answered and hurriedly rushed towards him. He was halfway out the door, gesturing me to hurry.

“What is it Minseok?”, I asked worriedly.

He smiled and gave me a light peck on the lips.

“Nothing, I just missed you”, he grinned.

“Min-Min!”, I whined and messed up his hair playfully.

“I’ve made us French toast, your favourite”, he said and intertwined his fingers with mine as we stepped inside for breakfast.

A little more dreaming:

Another Perfect Moment (A glimpse into the future perhaps….)

I was sitting on the green lawn, under the shade extending just at the entrance of the house. Benji and Whiskey were running around, chasing each other and occasionally coming to me for a little petting. It was early afternoon, but the weather was pleasant, a cool breeze blew every now and then. The sky…

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