Another Perfect Moment (A glimpse into the future perhaps….)

I was sitting on the green lawn, under the shade extending just at the entrance of the house. Benji and Whiskey were running around, chasing each other and occasionally coming to me for a little petting.

perfect moment shade

It was early afternoon, but the weather was pleasant, a cool breeze blew every now and then. The sky was a beautiful shade of baby blue, with little puffs of snow-white clouds filling its canvas. The wooden swing set facing the lake looked so inviting that I decided to go there for a while.

perfect moment swing

*Sigh* It was nice and cozy. The lake was perfectly still, except for a certain type of fish that kept splashing in and out of the water every now and then. The last time I saw this was in Manali, I had no idea the next time I would witness this phenomenon would be in South Korea.

Funny how life is full of surprises.

“Kenzie”, Min walked towards me, with a bedsheet wrapped around his head and shoulders.

“Min boy, I thought you were napping.”

“I was, but then you were not there next to me”, he whined.

“Come here baby”, I played along and made him sit down next to me. I took a backrest cushion that was there on the swing and placed in on my lap. Then I gently nudged Jin and gestured him to put his head on the cushion.

He followed obediently, but he was too tall, his entire body couldn’t fit on the swing as he slept. So he hooked his legs over the side handle and made himself comfortable. We were both giggling as he wiggled on the swing.

After a little bit of shifting here and there, we were finally comfy.

Min was so sleepy that he couldn’t even keep his eyes open. So, I played with his hair, which he liked. He took my other hand in both of his and rested it against his chest. I could feel his light breathing under my palm. Soon enough, soft snores left his mouth.

I looked up at the scene in front of me, it was a postcard perfect shot. The dark green mountains lined the baby blue sky, dotted with puffs of white clouds. And the perfectly still waters at the base of the mountains, rippling only when the breeze decided to be a bit rough.

perfect moment postcard

Benji and Whiskey had followed Jin and were snoozing at my feet. And the love of my life was here beside me, always loving me as I loved him. This was the third perfect moment of my life, the moment I never dreamed would ever come my way.

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