Lake 192 – Perfect Moment 3

I was sitting at the picnic table, looking out over the lake. It was early morning and there was a thick fog encompassing the lake and mountains. It was an eerie yet calming sight to behold.

lake 192 perfect moment fog
Source: (@lake192)

Min and the puppies were still asleep, although Benjamin joined me a few minutes later. He jumped up on to the bench and snuggled up against me. This puppy always kept me company. And I believe that Ginger, my first puppy, is with Papa, having a good time.(We will meet again soon)

Anyways, back to lake 192. Where were we, yes, the picnic table and Benji snuggled up next to me. It was quite chilly. I was wrapped up in a navy blue blanket that had white stars printed all over it. These stars glowed in the dark, so, since it was early morning, it looked like I was covered with lit up stars. It went well with the eerie morning vibe.

With time, the sun began to appear between the sleepy clouds. Gradually, the fog started to fade away, giving way for the sun rays to fall upon the still lake waters. And gosh, what a sight it was to behold.

lake192 perfect moment morning

The water rippling ever so gently with the light breeze, the bright sunlight glistening off its surface – it was a sparkling glorious site. Was this heaven’s trailer? Well it sure seemed like it. I could not stop gazing at this twinkling lake.

lake192 perfect moment heaven
Source: (@lake192_com)

All of a sudden, without a warning, it started raining heavily. It was quite a surprise, the sun was still shining bright, but the rain beat down on us like crazy. Benji awoke from his deep slumber and ran towards the house. And I quickly got up and made my way to the house too, as fast as I could.

But not fast enough, I was soaking wet by the time I reached the shade in front of the house. The blanket had absorbed a good amount of water. And just then, Benjamin shook himself dry, splashing even more water on me. Fun morning right? I enjoyed it though.

lake192 perfect moment entrance

As I entered the house, I bumped into Jin. He seemed to have just woken up, his face still all puffy *cute*. But he had a smirk on his face, I guess he witnessed the entire scene that happened moments ago.

He wrapped his arms around me hugging me tightly, getting soaked in rainwater too, but he didn’t seem to care. He gently lifted me a bit off the ground and I looped my arms around his neck.

“Good morning babe”, he said, our faces inches away from each other.

“Good…”, he closed the gap between us and kissed me slowly.

“…morning”, I said against his lips.

“Mmmm…”, was all he could say.

Perfect Moment – A Sweet Night

It was a cool summer’s night at Lake 192. Min and I had just gotten done with dinner. We fed our puppies, Benjamin and Whiskey too, and the four of us went out for a night stroll. It started out fun, until Benjamin decided to make a run for it, which in turn led to…

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