Perfect Moment – A Sweet Night

It was a cool summer’s night at Lake 192. Min and I had just gotten done with dinner. We fed our puppies, Benjamin and Whiskey too, and the four of us went out for a night stroll. It started out fun, until Benjamin decided to make a run for it, which in turn led to Whiskey following suit.

Both of them jumped the wall and were running down the pathway along the lake that lead to the house. I think this was the first time Jin and I experienced true fear together. Both of us chased after them, screaming our lungs out for them to get back.

But within a couple of minutes the chaos ended just as abruptly as it started. We immediately hooked on their leashes as soon as we caught up to them. They knew they had done something wrong as they just sat there and gave us puppy eyes as we shouted at them.

We got back exhausted, still wondering what they were chasing. We freaked ourselves out trying to guess what it was, so we decided to not talk about it. I guess both of us were scaredy-cats in that sense, lol.

It wasn’t too late, but our little adventure got us calling it a night earlier than usual. Min locked up as I cleared the kitchen. Once we were done, the four of us went up to our bedroom. It was a beautiful room, the wall opposite our bed was divided into two parts – a solid panel at the base and a glass panel at the top. So we had a beautiful view of the lawn and night sky.

sweet night perfect moment bedroom

Minseok was already under the covers, with Benji and Whiskey taking their spots at opposite corners of the bed. Whiskey usually slept at Min’s side, while Benji took his spot next to me, although at that moment, he was sprawled out on my side of the bed, with his head on my pillow. *That cute little puppy*

I was standing at the glass panel, gazing at the beautiful night sky, when Min snuck up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Hmm?”, I said as he rested his chin on the side of my neck.

“Come to bed”, he whispered in my ear and kissed my cheek.


I lay down next to him, placed my head on his outstretched arm and buried my face in his chest. He wrapped his other hand around me, hugging me tightly. I could never get over how comfortable and safe I felt in his arms. He was my person as I was his.

It was about a few hours later when I woke up. It was still night time, Min, Benji and Whiskey were fast asleep. I tried to go back to sleep, but sleep avoided me. So I decided to step out for a while. I always wanted to see the lake at night.

I gently got out of Min’s embrace and stepped out of the bedroom. Benji followed me a minute later. I grabbed my coat and skull cap and stepped out onto the lawn. I walked up to the picnic table and took a seat.

sweet night perfect moment picnic table

Benji climbed up on the bench and settled down next to me. There was a chill in the air, so I covered him with my coat, he liked it. I tried to see the lake, but it was too dark, and I was too scared to walk up to it.

That’s when I noticed the sky, it was twinkling with stars. It seemed like there was a party going on up there. I couldn’t get my eyes off it. But my neck started to hurt, as I craned upwards to get a better look at the sky. So I got on the table and lay down on my back, because, why not, right?

The night sky hit differently from this angle. It felt like I was among the stars. I did not want to take my eyes off the twinkling stars, they seemed to calm me down. My mind slowly came to halt, and all I could think about was this starry night above me. I was lost in some far off galaxy.

sweet night perfect moment night sky

Gradually, I fell asleep I assume, because when I woke up, Min was laying down next to me on the picnic table. Both of us were covered in a blanket and there was a pillow placed under my head * ❤ Min ❤ *. He was snoring softly.

It was early morning, the sky seemed to be glazed over with a dull white sheen to it, though the stars were still slightly visible. I turned to Min and kissed him lightly on his cheek.

sweet night perfect moment picnic table morning

“Kenzieee…”, he said groggily.

“Yes, baby”, I kissed him on his other cheek.

“You gave me the fright of my life…”, he said, his eyes still closed.


“I couldn’t find you in the house and…”, I cut him off midway by kissing him on the lips.

“Ok, we’ll carry on this story later…”, he said and pulled me in for another kiss. After a couple of minutes we decided to get back inside the house.

As we got up, both of us were in pain. Our backs were out, we could not straighten up. We were hunched over as we stepped off the table.

We giggled and made our way towards the house like zombies. Within a couple of minutes we managed to stand upright, although our bodies were still a bit stiff.

“Kenzie, let’s plan our outdoor nights in advance, with good mattresses”, Min said, laughingly.

“Yes, yes”, I giggled and took his hand and pulled him up to the bedroom.

We lay down on the soft bed and fell asleep instantly.

Lake 192 – A Rainy Day

It was a rainy day at lake 192, giving out a sad yet calming vibe. It felt – nice. Well I was not very happy the past couple of days, because of my office work. I was working a lot but it was coming across like I was doing nothing, atleast that was what it…

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