An Eventful Canoe Ride


“Allie! Wait!”

“Whiskey jumped into the lake!”

“Gwenchana, Gwenchana, he’s used to swimming alone”, said Jin as he lifted me bridal style and set me on my feet.

“You could’ve fallen in…”, he said as he pulled in the canoe closer to the steps of the floating house.

lake 192 perfect moment cover

“You don’t even know how to swim, what if I hadn’t come in time…”

“Araso, araso”, I said cutely and hugged him from behind. I realised he did have a point, that could’ve gone wrong. I cringed at the thought.

“Now don’t go overthinking about what could’ve happened…”, he said as the scary thoughts were flying through my mind.

“But…”, he spun around and kissed me, “Forget what I said, nothing even happened. Let’s go fishing!!!”

“Ok Oppaaaaa”, I yelled out.

Jin stepped into the canoe first. Then I carried Benjamin and passed him to Jin. Benji was very scared and stuck to Jin’s feet as he placed him inside the boat.

“Jinni, please take this too….”

“Huh, what’s this?”

“A surprise…”, I said as I handed him a small basket.

an eventful canoe ride picnic basket

“Don’t open it!”, I yelled as tried to open it.

“Ok baby”, he kept the box aside, frightened by my sudden outburst. I smiled sheepishly as he held out his hand for me.

As I stepped into the boat, it wobbled a bit and I freaked out. I immediately took a seat and held onto either side of the canoe. In all the chaos, Benji hopped onto my lap, trembling.

Jin was laughing at the both of us. I laughed too because it was too funny. Benji and I were scared and looking at Jin.

“Don’t worry, Captain Jin is at your service”, he said giving us his best smile, trying to be all flirty.

“Ok, chaja”, I said looking out onto the beautiful lake.

The plan was to go further away from the house and pick a spot for fishing. Jin took us to his favourite place in the middle of the lake and set aside the paddles.

“Allie, welcome to my place…”, he said, grinning.

“Ok”, now another scary thought crossed my mind.

What if the canoe toppled over?! I didn’t know how to swim, did Jin? Oh gosh, how could I not know this about him?!

“Jin, do you know how to swim?”

“Ummm, a bit…Don’t worry, I’ll save you if anything happens…”

Hmm, he knew I can’t swim, I need to pay more attention to him…

“Do we have life jackets in the boat?”, I asked, looking around the canoe.

“Haha, Allie, nothing is going to happen. And yup, take this, put it on”, he handed me a jacket that was neatly packed under his seat.

“Thankyou!”, I was so happy after wearing it, I felt safe.

Jin started rummaging through the boat to set up his fishing rod. As he did so, the canoe swayed from side to side, startling Benji and I.

“Baby, don’t worry…”, he said and held my hand.

“Ok”, I said, still sceptical.

Once Jin cast his fishing rod, the three of us were in our own world. Jin seemed so at peace looking out onto the lake waters, waiting for a tug at the line. Benji was fast asleep on my lap. And I was just waiting to get back onto land.

an eventful canoe ride fishing

“Allie?!”, said Jin suddenly, I could hear worry in his voice.


“Where is Whiskey?!” Jin yelled and suddenly stood up, making the canoe sway roughly.

“Whiskey! Whiskey!”

I leaned over and caught Jin’s hand in both of mine.

“Jinni, calm down, I think I hear him”, but I wasn’t sure.

 “You do?!”, he said and took a seat next to me. Both of us sat in fear for a couple of minutes, which felt like hours.

Then I heard the barking once more.

“Whiskey!”, I yelled out.

That’s when Jin heard him too. It seemed to be coming from the mountains.

Jin immediately shifted back to his original place and started paddling towards the sound of the barking.

As we drew closer to the mountains, we spotted Whiskey. He was at the foot of the mountains, dripping wet, but excited to see us.

an eventful canoe ride mountains

“Come here!”, Jin yelled out.

Whiskey immediately jumped into the water and swam towards us. As he got close, Jin scooped him up and placed him in the canoe.

He wriggled himself dry, drenching all of us in water.

Jin and I hugged him, both of us teary-eyed.

“Don’t do that again”, he scolded him while hugging him.

“Allie, I don’t feel like fishing anymore”, said Jin, looking up at the sky, he was trying to calm himself down.

“Jinnie, come here”, I said. He scooted over next to me and placed his face in the nape of my neck.

“I thought we lost him”, he whispered.

“But we didn’t”, I said and wrapped my arms around him.

“Jin, I think it’s time to open the picnic basket.”


I picked up the basket and placed it on my lap. I had packed Kimbap and Orange Juice for Jin and me. And two bowls of wet dog food for the pups.

an eventful canoe ride cover kimbap

Jin’s eye lit up when he saw the Kimbap. He was a foodie just like me.

He looked from the picnic basket, to me, and back at the picnic basket. He gave me a peck on the cheek and dived in for the food.

That day, the four of us enjoyed a bittersweet meal in the middle of the lake. Although we didn’t catch any fish, we caught something priceless – A peaceful family moment on lake waters.

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