New Year’s Eve

Jin and I were having a mini-feast for New Year’s Eve. It was supposed to be just the four of us – Jin, our two puppies – Benjamin and Whiskey – and me. But a surprise phone call from our friends ended up with us inviting them over to join us for our feast.

It happened when Stacy called me to wish us a Happy New Year. She and Shawn had recently entered the parenting world with their daughter Rachel. And they were highly in need of a change of scene. So Jin and I spontaneously decided to call them over.

About an hour later Jin’s friend – Jungkook – called to wish us too. While we were talking, we came to know that he and Calysta – my other friend – were friendly (hmm when did that happen…Jin and I looked at each with the same question in mind). So, we invited them over too.

“Allie, we are going to interrogate Jungkook and Calytsta tonight”, Jin laughed.

“Yup yup”, I replied and gave him a high-five.

We had already begun preparing dinner. And with the amount we usually cook, it would be enough for everyone.

The Menu –

Appetizers: Cocktail sausages and Tuna canapes.

Drinks: Juices and aerated cold drinks.

Dinner: Bibimbap, Kimbap, Korean friend chicken and Jin’s favourite – Sashimi.

Dessert: Vanilla and Choco-chip ice-cream.

 We decided to go non-alcoholic since Stacy was still off alcohol as she was breastfeeding Rachel. Jungkook and Calysta were in charge of the drinks. Stacy and Shawn were getting the dessert.

Evening came and all of us were seated at the picnic table. The weather was pleasant, but after a while it got too cold for Rachel. She was fast asleep in Shawn’s arms. So Jin offered to take her inside. We had set up a bed for Rachel in the living room before they arrived.

“Allie, please come with me”, Jin called out to me, although I was already on my feet about to follow him inside.

Once we were in the living room, Jin was nervous about setting the baby down, so I took Rachel from him gently and placed her on the bed. She was fast asleep and looked so peaceful.

“Did you make this?”, Jin asked me as he touched the light-yellow sweater Rachel was wearing.

“Yes, I knitted a couple of sweaters and booties for Stacy’s baby…”

“You made these booties too?!”, Jin whispered but his voice was surprisingly high pitched.

“Yes babe!”, I mocked him in the same tone.

He caught on and just smiled at me.

“I wonder what our baby’s fashion sense will be like…”, he said and smirked.

I just stared at him dumbfounded.

“Breathe Allie”, he said and hugged me.

“I wonder what our babies will look like”, he said out loud while still hugging me.

“Babies?!”, I whisper-yelled and tried to wriggle out of his embrace but he didn’t let me go.

“Yes, babies…”

I just sighed.

By that time Rachel started to whine. Jin let me go and I carried Rachel. She slowly fell asleep in my arms. Within a couple of minutes, everyone had come back inside. We had already finished the appetizers and dinner.

Stacy and Shawn were hovering around me to check if Rachel was ok.

“This was the longest I’ve been away from her”, Stacy told me, while looking at her baby lovingly.

 “Now go sit with your husband, you’ll be away from her a little while longer”, I said and kissed Rachel on her forehead.

“Thankyou Allie”, Stacy said and gave a side-hug.

Stacy and Shawn took a seat on the couch. But within a couple of minutes she was worrying about Rachel again.

“Allie, how is your Godchild doing?”, asked Stacy.

“Jin, she’s your Godchild too”, said Shawn.

After Stacy and Shawn saw the shocked look on Jin’s face, they realised I hadn’t told him about this tiny fact.

“I mean, whoever Allie marries will be the Godfather”, Stacy tried to cover up.

But by that time Jin’s shock turned into awe and he took Rachel from my arms.

“Yup, that’s me”, he said casually.

“WHAT?!” All four of them said at the same time.

“Allie, where are you?”, Calysta called out. By that time I had sneaked away into the kitchen to get everyone ice-cream.

“Did you propose?”, Stacy asked Jin.

“No, but I’m marrying her”, he said matter-of-factly.

“Does she want to marry you?”, Jungkook joked.

“I guess so, Allie, do you want to marry me?”, Jin asked. I was back in the living room with a tray full of ice-cream servings.

“Hmmm…..”, I teased.

“ALLIE!”, both Stacy and Calysta cried out in excitement. But this was too loud and awoke Rachel. So Shawn took Rachel from Jin’s arms. She immediately calmed down in her Dad’s embrace.

“Yes”, I said quietly while handing each one a bowl of ice-cream.

“So, has he proposed? Is there a date? Where is the wedding ceremony going to be held?”, Stacy and Calysta asked questions non-stop.

Jin noticed the runaway bride in me crop up. So, he immediately put his arm around me and took over answering the questions.

“Woah, woah, calm down. Nothing has been set, but we will get married. Not any time soon though”, he said and changed the topic to Jungkook and Calysta’s sudden dating news.

So, the rest of the night we spent teasing these two while our questioning was put on the back burner for now. But I knew my best friends wouldn’t back off that easy. I had told them about Jin but didn’t officially say anything about marriage because I was still processing it.

I was mentally preparing myself for the future phone calls asking for the deets I myself wasn’t aware of yet.

 ‘Maybe I’ll hand the phone to Jin when they call. Wait, hold up, that is actually an amazing idea!’, I thought to myself.

Stacy and Calysta liked Jin and they got along really well. So, they wouldn’t mind talking to Jin about the wedding since they would’ve realised by now that I was still trying to wrap my mind around it.

If I told them what Jin said about babies a while ago, they would flip. Maybe another time. For now, I enjoyed the rest of the evening with Jin by my side.

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