Cafe Day

It was finally the end of a hectic two weeks at work. I was looking forward to this specific weekend because I knew it would mean the end of stress, at least for this Saturday and Sunday. I just felt calm and yet on edge at the same time.

This usually happens to me when I get a break. I can’t seem to shut off my brain and most of my holidays are spent suffering from residual stress. But I was still relieved to just have these two days off.

Most of my Saturday morning was spent at the picnic table by the lake. I sat there, enjoying the cool breeze and warm sunlight as I scrolled through my Instagram feed. It felt so nice just chilling out.

After a while, my thoughts drifted to coffee, especially my favourite order of cold coffee. My go-to cafe made it just the way I like it – frothy cold coffee with 2 huge scoops of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Just thinking about it made me all whiny –  I needed to have that glass of coffee now. So, I decided to take the risk. After ten months of being cooped up inside the house, the time had come to go to my favourite cafe.

Mask and sanitiser – my defence against the enemy. Armed and ready, I stepped out and decided to walk it out to the cafe. The way towards the cafe was nice and cool, thanks to the shade from the trees that lined both sides of the single-lane tarred road.

cafe day road

I loved driving on tarred road, it’s any day better than concrete. Tarred roads are so smooth and make the drive so much more enjoyable. But today I walked on it, not the same as driving, but I enjoyed being outdoors.

After a nice stroll for around fifteen to twenty minutes, I was a stone’s throw away from the cafe. And to my delight, it was not crowded. There were just two couples seated indoors and the tables outside were empty. I was so happy, I almost ran inside.

I placed my order and took a seat at one of the tables outside. I waited patiently for my coffee to arrive. And once it did, my eyes lit up and I couldn’t stop smiling. I wearily unmasked my face and sipped the coffee.

cafe day coffee

It was just like I remembered it – pure happiness. If happiness could be tasted –  it was this glass of coffee. I savoured every sip. It felt like I had not a worry in the world and I was just plain happy.

Once I was done, I made my way back home. I was high on coffee and it felt so nice just to be happy for no reason at all.  And since I was so blissful, it felt like I reached home within a few minutes.

I entered my house and went straight to my room for my afternoon nap. I drew the curtains, making the room all cool and cosy. Once tucked in under the covers, I uploaded my coffee picture on Instagram, still smiling to myself.  After a while I dozed off, my mind finally quiet. Cold coffee and sleep were exactly what I needed that day.

Valentine’s Day

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