Warm and Cozy

It was Saturday evening. As usual, I was a bit gloomy about being halfway through the weekend. Thanks to this pandemic, I felt like the weekends just go by at lightning speed. I miss going out, even if it was just to eat at the mall. But ‘it is what it is’.

The highlight of this weekend was Minseok coming home. He was away on work for the past two weeks. Because of his busy schedule, it made more sense for him to stay in the city than travel back and forth from our home.

But it seemed like he wouldn’t be able to make it back home tonight due to a sudden change in his work schedule. We spoke over video call that afternoon and he let me in on the change of plans. He said he would still try to make it. But since it was already late evening, it seemed like it wouldn’t happen this weekend.

*Sigh* I miss him…

I was sitting on the couch with our puppies Benji and Whiskey on either side of me. I had just given them a pipe bath on the lawn. They enjoyed it thoroughly, I enjoyed it too. They were just jumping around trying to avoid the water while I hosed them down.

I lathered them up with shea butter shampoo and they enjoyed it. Now they smelt lovely while snoozing next to me. It was fun! Just thinking about it brought Min-Min to my mind. He would’ve loved to be a part of our crazy time.

I clicked a selfie with the puppies and sent it to him *miss you*

But there was no reply, he must be really busy. So I just switched on the TV and watched a kdrama. Right now I’m on “What Happens to My Family”. It’s a very nice show. I started watching it when Minseok was away. We usually watch shows together, but he has already watched this one and recommended it.

There was a sudden flash of headlights and a low growl of the engine switching off.

“Min!”, I squealed. And not a second later Whiskey and Benji were at the door, barking excitedly.

I opened the front door and they zoomed out.

I was smiling ear to ear as I walked out and saw Min-Min on the lawn playing with the puppies. As he looked up our eyes met and we smiled at each other. He ran towards me but stopped about a foot away.

“I’ll just quickly have a shower…”, he said apologetically and I nodded. He was out the entire day, better to be safe than sorry with this pandemic.

He gave me his signature flying kiss and rushed upstairs.

I went back to watching the kdrama. The puppies settled down after Minseok went upstairs and joined me on the couch.

I was so engrossed in the show that when Min came and stood in front of the TV, I screamed. Both the puppies who were sleeping, woke up disoriented and barking.

“Kenzie, calm down”, Min said laughing, and hit the space bar on the laptop to pause the kdrama. (The laptop was connected to the TV via an HDMI cable)

He walked on over to the couch, and shook his head from side to side, spraying us with water from his soaking wet hair.

“Min-Min”, I said, wiping away the droplets of water from my face.

He knelt down in front of me and hugged me. I was shocked for a second but settled down into his embrace.

“I missed you so much…”, he said as he rested his chin on my shoulder and hugged me even closer.

“I missed you too”, I replied, resting my face in the nape of his neck.

It was a nice warm and fuzzy feeling.

After a while, he took a seat on the couch next to me. He put his arm around my shoulder and I snuggled into his side. Benji and Whiskey were on either side of us. We continued watching the kdrama all cuddled up on the couch.

Cafe Day

It was finally the end of a hectic two weeks at work. I was looking forward to this specific weekend because I knew it would mean the end of stress, at least for this Saturday and Sunday. I just felt calm and yet on edge at the same time. This usually happens to me when…

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