Why did I get into IT?

In 11th standard, I took IT instead of a second language. Here is where I was introduced to HTML.









The above sequence of tags have been etched into my brain.

Then the time came for me to choose my degree. I was confused, should I continue with Arts or take the option of getting into IT? (My 11th and 12th subject combination included Maths. This gave me the option of switching to the Science stream).

Around this time I had watched the movie ‘Die Hard 4’. Yes, this movie, along with HTML, played a part in me getting into IT. I wanted to be like Jason Long’s character. So, the decision was made, I got into Bsc. IT. The web designer dream transformed into web application developer and then confusion once it came to getting a job after graduation.

After a bad experience at a company which paid me close to nothing, my uncle gave me a job in his company (thanks uncle, you know who you are). Here is where I was given the opportunity to figure out JavaScript, Oracle queries and scripts like Perl, Shell and Bash.

I really liked scripting languages, so in my mind, I thought I would work with scripts. Fast forward to a couple of decisions I took and now I’m in automation. How did I get from dreaming of becoming a web designer to actually becoming a developer? No Idea but ‘it is what it is’.

Beginning – HTML. Present – Alteryx, Python, VBA.

Currently, I like Python and recently I have started finding Alteryx fun. And then there is writing – it doesn’t feel like a job to me it just feels nice.

Haha, no idea where I’m going, but just keep moving forward for now, right?

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