Route 66

So, today’s blog post prompt – A road trip you would love to take. Well, I would like to drive along Route 66 – the one showcased so beautifully in the Cars movie. Yes, it is an animated film, but it has captured the reality of this picturesque route in its entirety.

Wide-open spaces on either side of a beautiful highway which has a surprise every now and then. Straight stretches breaking into winding ones occasionally. It seems like it keeps the driver alert and yet at ease at the same time.

After googling a bit about Route 66 for this post, I came across a number of places to visit along the way. It looks like there are touristy spots created. I would love to make stops along the way. Just to get a feel of the cute little cafes showcased in the Cars movie.

According to Wikipedia, it connects Chicago to California. I’m not so concerned with the start or the destination. The focus is more on that beautiful road. A road trip in the most basic yet true way – the drive.

Someday ‘The Drive’ will happen.

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