Beyond The Comfort Zone

I love the comfort zone. It is the perfect headspace to be in. But there are times in life when you need to expand your comfort zone. You know it is time when this place gets a bit foggy. That’s your cue to open the windows, break down a wall perhaps or rearrange the furniture in that zone.

The time for my comfort zone renovation showed up last year. I wanted a level-up in my job. I liked what I was doing and wanted to continue but with a better package. I knew the one I was getting was not doing my skills justice.

Around that time I got a chance to apply for another job. So, I thought why not give it a shot, it could help me put my case forward in the current role. So I went for it. There were multiple rounds and I honestly thought I was just improving my interview skills. But surprise – I got the job. (Did not see that one coming)

Anyways, I told the current company what I wanted and again, I honestly thought I would get what I asked for. Another surprise – no, I was given other avenues to pursue but not what I wanted. And the new offer that I got surpassed my expectations in every aspect.

So, I did it, I left the job I was at and took up the new one. It was really difficult because this was not in the cards. I was all set to continue at the current job because that was what was supposed to happen. That company was supposed to take me in.

But the Maker had other plans for me. And here I am now, my comfort zone revamped, still sharpening out the edges but on the road to a beautiful space.

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