The Childhood Toy

Hmm, honestly, I did not have a favourite toy as a child. At least, I don’t remember it. I asked my Mom and she told me I had a blue teddy bear that I was stuck to for a year. And that was it.

But after thinking about it, one toy does stand out – A stuffed toy. It was a cute little black Labrador puppy. He had a cute black and white checkered collar. And his name was Luke. I remember picking him out at the store with my Mother and Sister.

Nanuk was the puppy stuffed toy my sister picked out. He was a grey and white Husky. So these were the only puppies we were allowed to keep. Although now I have a real puppy. A 5-year-old beagle but he will always be a puppy to me.

I had a puppy before this angel, but he left us very early as his wings came out too soon and he had to head back to heaven.

So there you have it, Luke the little puppy was my favourite stuffed toy. And now every time I read a passage from St. Luke’s Gospel, I remember this little puppy.

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Beyond The Comfort Zone

I love the comfort zone. It is the perfect headspace to be in. But there are times in life when you need to expand your comfort zone. You know it is time when this place gets a bit foggy. That’s your cue to open the windows, break down a wall perhaps or rearrange the furniture…

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