A Wish

‘Something you wish you knew how to do’ – the fifth bloganuary prompt from WordPress. Well, I wish I knew how to speak Korean as well as a native speaker. I’m trying to learn the language on Coursera, but don’t you think it would have been awesome if I learnt it as a kid?

K-dramas and BTS are the reason for this wish. Imagine watching a K-drama without subtitles – awesome. Some things always get lost in translation. So, I would really love it if I could understand the language completely.

Another reason – BTS songs. I would love to understand the lyrics in one go. I mean there is no doubt their music surpasses any language barrier. You get the feel of the song just by listening to it. But I always check the subtitles to understand it completely.

So there you have it, I wish I could speak Korean. I’m working on it and I hope someday this wish comes true.

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