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The WordPress blog prompt – ‘What do you like most about your writing?’

This post was a bit tough because I always find what I write not up to the mark. But this time I forced myself to think about what I like about it. The conclusion – the way I write cute and comfy scenes in the ‘Perfect Snapshots’ Tab.

‘Daniella and Minhyuk’, ‘Jin and Allie’, ‘Minseok and Mackenzie’ – I love these characters. And I love writing about scenes from their daily life. ‘Perfect Snapshots’ doesn’t get a lot of views and likes but it is my favourite place on French Vanilla.

There is one more aspect of my writing that I like too. It is the way my posts are easy to read. The tone and English is not trying to be something all sophisticated. It is just right and not heavy.

Yes, so this prompt helped me appreciate my writing. And I’m very happy about it!

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Laugh It Off

I am a bit late with this post but better late than never. So the WordPress blog prompt was – ‘What makes you laugh?’ Well, it is none other than the funny memes and videos that I come across on Instagram. And my top choices are the funny compilation videos that the BTS fans aka…

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  1. You forgot to mention that what you write is what comes from the heart or what you feel. Even when it’s fiction, it’s something authentically Alison. That is what I love the most about your writing ❤


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