My first impressions are either a hit or a miss. People like me instantly or they completely misunderstand me. Only time will let them know who I am. I have come to terms with this and it doesn’t bother me anymore.

I don’t insinuate. I just hate it. Whatever I say is what I mean. But people tend to read into it a lot and misunderstand my words. This used to bother me a lot and I would feel bad about people getting the wrong idea.

But over the years I’ve learnt that this is not my fault. If people take what I say in a way I didn’t mean it, then that is on them. I try not to bother about it anymore. Sometimes it does get to me but not as much as before. Life is easier that way.

Over the years I’ve learnt the hard way that many people say things intending it to imply something else. I was too naive and didn’t really pick up on it. But not anymore, I’m able to gauge when people are being mean.

There was a time when I overthought these things a lot. And it used to get me down. But I have stopped reading into things like this. It is a waste of time. So if people try this on me it’ll not work, I’m over it.

God knows who I am and I know who I am, does anything else really matter? (I know you know me too, you know who you are)

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