The Perfect Day

Definition of my perfect day:

Wake up by 7.35 am after a goodnight’s sleep. The kind of sleep where you are completely blank and wake up feeling at peace. By 7.45 am step out for a 20 minute morning walk. Listen to ‘All Too Well (10 minute Taylor’s Version)’ and BTS (Interlude: Shadow, Your Eyes Tell, Mic Drop, Tear, My Universe Suga’s Version, Butter, Dimple, Friends…the list goes on, it depends on which ones I feel like listening to at that moment) while walking.

Come home and just lie down on the bed. If I was allowed to then I would get my dog, Benjamin, to sleep next to me. But he likes his personal space.

So, after lying down and scrolling Instagram and WordPress, get up for breakfast – French Toast and Coffee. Then take the dog for a walk. The ideal walk would be one with no other human or dog around. Benji barks at everything and all the dogs want to attack him. He knows I will protect him but I would rather avoid it. It is scary facing aggressive dogs and I don’t want Benji to get hurt.

Okay, then after the dog walk, get back home to make Carbonara Noodles – the ready-made one. That’s lunch. Watch a nice show while eating and then back to bed for the afternoon siesta.

The evening would consist of a nice cup of tea followed by a stroll outside with Benji. It would end with some wine and classical music.

Dinner would consist of another packet of ramen and then back to dreamland.

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