I lost my Grandfather to cancer in the year 2005.

If I could go back in time and tell him to go for checkups every year and keep track, I would do it. At least we would catch that damn disease in time. And we would win the fight.

I would go with my grandparents to Goa every year after that. I would have cherished every moment with Papa. And I’m sure he would be here with us today.

Listen to the song ‘Majorie’ by Taylor Swift, feels like I’m talking to Papa.

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Favourite Photo I’ve Taken

Do you see the cover photo? Yup, that is the one. It is my Dad’s Toyota Fortuner. Usually, after my Dad drops us off at Goa and it is time for him to head home, he would leave the car parked in a neighbour’s garage. But that year he left it to me. So, I…

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