My Favourite Quote

‘Done is better than perfect’ – Sheryl Sandberg. I heard this quote from Kim Namjoon when he said it was his favourite one. It is such a beautiful phrase that can be applied to life.

It kinda goes well with the Nike tag like too – ‘Just do it’.

I apply these words to work as well as hobbies. Sometimes work-stress of getting things done perfect can wreck your nerves. The ‘what if something goes wrong’ can drive you insane.

That is when I think about this quote. I do the task and let it go. Completed is better than perfect.

Other times, it’s when it comes to this blog. I want to write an article but I keep putting it off. Reason – I would rather write on the weekend when I have more time outside working hours. But then the weekend comes and goes and nothing is written.

So, when I feel like writing, I just go for it. Maybe the tone and wording are not great but I did it. I manage to bring my idea to life through words. At least I have the article and the next day I can do the editing and then post it.

Sometimes when I’m excited about the article I may not edit it well and just post it. So what? I catch the errors later and fix them. Posting an article is what makes me happy. So I go for it, it is my blog after all. So why stress?

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