An Interview With The Cullens

Today’s blog prompt – Interview with a fictional character.

So, I’ve picked the Cullens. The Twilight series was a huge part of my teenage years. And it led to a friendship that will last forever. And I mean forever in every sense of the term, this goes into the afterlife too. You know who you are (*clears throat* Mrs. Kim *wink* *wink*).

Okay, let’s begin. Action:

I enter the Cullen’s mansion that is located in the middle of the forest in Forks. I see the shiny silver Volvo C30 in the huge garage parked next to the red truck that Bella used to drive to school. (Hmm, they still have the truck)

“Hi! You must be Alison! Come in”

It was Bella! She knew my name! “*fangirling internally*

They had no idea I knew about them. Or rather that their lives were a best selling book series.

A little context – I’m friends with a supernatural being. She can shift between places that exist at different frequencies. Basically Forks exists in a parallel universe, and she helped me get here for this blog post.

I was there under the pretext of a college student who needed to complete a cultural study project. So, I was there to interview the residents of Forks. And that is how they agreed to the interview.

“Yes, hi”, I replied and walked up the stairs that led to their front door.

“Come in”, she smiled and let me inside, she was gorgeous.

Once inside, I could see a young girl at the piano that was at the far end of the hall. THAT WAS RENESMEE CULLEN. BE CALM ALISON.

“Nessi, Edward; Alison is here for the interview”, she called out. EDWARD CULLEN, NESSI, AAAHHHHHHHH

Renesmee ran to Bella and smiled at me. And Edward Cullen walked out of their kitchen.

It was so difficult to control my excitement and pretend like this was the first time I ever heard of them.

“Let’s take a seat in the dining room”, said Bella as she led the way to this huge room with a picnic table, but a grand one, with chairs on one side and a long bench on the other.

I took a seat on the bench while the three of them sat opposite me on the high back chairs.

I had just 30 minutes until my friend would get me back to my universe (Coldplay and BTS’s song ‘My Universe’ starts playing in my head)

“Okay, I just have a few questions, won’t take up much of your time”

“Sure, go ahead”, said Edward. He was a bit weary.

I smiled and began, “I was going through the town’s history online when I came across a news article. It said that you, Mrs. Cullen, were found in the woods unconscious. And some reports said that passers-by saw you with Mr. Cullen earlier that evening.”

Both of them laughed.

“Yeah, lover’s quarrel”, Bella said and looked sheepishly at Edward.

“Yup, I was so stupid to just leave her there after a fight”

“Completely agree with you”, Bella joked.

“How did you’ll get back together?”, I asked, excited and then realised I might blow my cover. But Bella was totally up for it.

“I should have given him hell for what he did. I mean who leaves their girlfriend in the middle of the woods all alone when there are vamp….”

“Wolves!”, Edward spoke up before she could finish her sentence.

“Yes, wolves”, she said and looked away, holding back a laugh.

I checked the time, there were just 10 minutes left until I had to leave.

“Are the wolves still around?”, I asked smirking slightly, since I knew full well the Quileutes were still around and Jacob Black was their future son-in-law.

And just then Jacob walked in.

“Who is this?”, he asked as he pulled up a chair next to Bella.

“This is Alison, she’s doing a study on our town”


“Do you know us?”, Edward asked, confusion on his face.

“Umm, this is the first time I have met you guys”, I replied. As I said it, realisation dawned on me – mind reader.

The minute I had that thought Edward stood up.

“How do you know that?!”

I immediately picked up my book and looked at my phone, pretending to get a call. While the entire Twilight series played in my head.

“Is something wrong?”, Bella asked looking from Edward to me.

“She knows I can read minds and she knows about the fight we had with the Volturi. You know everything?!”, he gasped.

I couldn’t fake it anymore.

“Yes, I know you all very well. If I tried to explain it, you’ll wouldn’t believe me. And I don’t have much time left. I will need to go back to my universe any minute now. But I love you all. And I’m going to give each one of you a hug.”

I went to Bella first, she stiffened and backed away slightly. But I still hugged her and said, “I know you’ll are Vampires and I know Jacob is a Werewolf.”

They were still shocked while I quickly gave each one of them a hug. I looked at the phone and there was just a minute left.

“Is Frenchvanilla your blog?”, asked Edward.

“Yes”, I answered, dumbfounded. WHAT?!

“The logo on your book”, I guess Edward read my mind and answered.

“Oh my gosh, that is your blog?!”, Bella said all excited and caught my hand.

“We love your stories”, she said and looked at Edward.

“I love you guys. I hope we meet again soon”, i said and with that, I was back in my room on my bed, all tucked in. That was one heck of a dream.

Or was it?

I felt something cold on my wrist. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at – A silver bracelet that bore a tiny Cullen crest.

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