Bad Days

What Makes Me Feel Strong – WordPress Bloganuary Prompt

Hmm, good question. Honestly, I don’t feel strong at all. I feel weak and defeated. Somedays I do not want to face the day. I just want to sleep. Not because I’m feeling warm and cosy. It’s because I don’t have to face life.

Sleep gives you a break from worrying. If you sleep, you are blank. At least for some time.

This feeling of not getting up and going through the day happens on the not so great days. I have good days and bad days. For a while, every day was a bad day. But it is getting better. There are good days too.

Just taking the day by the hour on the bad days and pushing through your daily routine takes a lot of strength. It was very difficult for me. So, I guess when I think about those days and how I got through them, it makes me feel strong.

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