Love Yourself

WordPress Bloganuary prompt – Favourite part about yourself.

I don’t know. Let’s go with appearance.

Yup, I like how I look. At least most of the time. Though some days I don’t feel pretty. Then I think of Jin and take inspiration from WWH (World Wide Handsome) and try to feel pretty again.

But yes, most of the time I’m quite confident that I look nice.

If anyone doesn’t like how I look then don’t look at me, lol.

Bad Days

What Makes Me Feel Strong – WordPress Bloganuary Prompt Hmm, good question. Honestly, I don’t feel strong at all. I feel weak and defeated. Somedays I do not want to face the day. I just want to sleep. Not because I’m feeling warm and cosy. It’s because I don’t have to face life. Sleep gives…

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