No Way Home

Callie and I would have been on the plane ride back home. But not today. Today, we were back at Lake 192. This time – the upper house. Minhyuk drove us back from the airport. It was a bittersweet drive.

We wanted to go back home but the feeling of being stuck in South Korea wasn’t a sad feeling at all. That evening, both our phones were blowing up with calls from our families. It was a cycle of repeating the same story to multiple family members.

By the time night fell, Callie and I were mentally exhausted. It was only then that we took a look at the place. And it had a cosy cottage feel to it. The entrance opened into a wide hall with an open plan kitchen at the far end.

As you entered, on the right was a bedroom – Minhyuk had given this room to us. He placed our suitcases in that room. There was a bathroom on the same side of the bedroom. It had a little lobby leading up to it.

And to the left of the kitchen was another bedroom – Minhyuk had shifted some of his stuff from the other room here. When we realised that he had given us his room we tried to convince him that we would take this room. But he wouldn’t listen.

Callie and I plopped down on the couch in the living room. We watched Minhyuk make us dinner in the kitchen. He seemed to be a pro at cooking. And in no time he called us over to eat. It was a soupy noodle dish that filled the entire house with a delicious spicy aroma.

There were high chairs – the bar stool kind – placed along the outer side of the kitchen counter. So, the three of us took a seat there and gobbled up Minhyuk’s dinner.

“Minhyuk, that was too good”, Callie said as she helped herself to another serving.

“Yeah babe”, I agreed, my mouth still full of noodles.

He blushed and continued eating.

Soon, we called it a night. Callie hit the sack first while I helped Minhyuk clear up the kitchen. We were done in no time and took a seat on the couch.

“How are you Daniella?”, he asked as he put his arm around my shoulders and lay his head back on the couch.

“I don’t know”, I said as I cuddled into his side and lay my head on his shoulder.

He planted a kiss on my cheek and pulled me closer to him.

I must’ve fallen asleep as I woke up to Minhyuk calling my name softly.

“Dannie, it’s time for bed”, he said and guided me to the room in which Callie was sound asleep.

He tucked me in and was about to leave but I caught his hand and stopped him.

“Stay…”, I said and scooted over towards Callie to make space for him.

“Ummm…”, he said as he looked over at Callie.

“It is fine”, I said

“But it’ll be weird”

“Minhyuukkk…”, I whined still sleepy.

So, he knelt down next to the bed and placed his chin on my pillow.

“Just lie down next to me Min”, I said, a bit bugged.


“Minhyuk! I am in the middle. This bed is huge. And you are sleeping next to me. Stop thinking it is awkward and just sleep with me. I mean sleep next to me”, I said correcting myself. I knew he would tease me tomorrow. But who cares, I just wanted him next to me right now.

He smiled and lay down next to me. He placed his arm under my head and I curled up into his side and hugged him like a pillow. I had a peaceful sleep that night, even though the days ahead seemed to be uncertain.

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