Bitter With A Dash Of Divine Intervention

I’ve become a bitter person. I’ve read quotes that say ‘you know you are mature when you stop blaming others for your problems and take responsibility for it’. Yes, I own it. I know my shortcomings. But I cannot let go of the years of being made to be felt like a loser by those people.

And now, those people try to talk to me like everything is hunky dory. I cannot stand them. And they are entering my personal space.  Why? Up until recently, they couldn’t look at my face, so leave me alone.

The Goa house, my personal space, my slice of happiness. They came into my space. I was furious. And I know Papa felt it too. He knew it wasn’t right. And I have a series of events to back it up. The whole incident can be blamed on a music festival overloading the power lines. But I don’t believe it one bit.

So let me explain what happened. There were these people who I never want to meet and especially in Goa. My earthly guardian is as heartless as them. He knows my torture but he does not care.

He invited them over to Papa’s sacred Goa house. (The only reason I love Goa is because of Papa. Goa is that house. Recently I saw the other side of Goa, the party side. I never ever want to see that side again. If it were not for Papa and the piece of heaven he created there, I would never go back to that state. The party side of Goa is hell). Back to the story.

I was furious. The amount of anger and pain I felt cannot be put into words. I was sitting in the balcao, fuming, when I noticed the lights flicker. It just came to me that Papa understood and was furious at this earthly guardian.

Then time passed and I was in the balcao at the back side of the house. All of a sudden – *BOOM* – the meter box blasted and was on fire. A full-blown fire. The house was in complete darkness and just this bluish fire blazed.

All of us ran towards this fire. And it went out within a minute or so. Darkness encompassed the house. No one could see anything. And in all this darkness, the enemies came. But they could not see a thing.

They greeted me with such fakeness. And they stood in the balcao and tried taking pictures of the sky. They even came inside Papa’s house and sat at the dining table in darkness, only illuminated by phone flashlights. The lights did come on because this earthly guardian called someone for a temporary fix.

But they did not get to see the house in its full glory. I know Papa ensured it. Papa loves us, I just know it. He is here with me. I know he knows the pain this earthly guardian has caused over the years and especially his latest lies and torture.

The amount of hate I’ve seen this earthly human dish out to his partner is too much to put into words. If I was writing on paper, it would go up in flames with the hate he has for her.

I just wish everyone realizes the amount of hurt they have caused by believing the tales of evil. But it is what it is.

All of life’s events have made me a bitter person, while the people who treated me like a loser as a kid are happy and merry. Well good for all of you. Stay out of my lane.

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