The Resolution: A Post A Week

Hi everyone! Okay, realistically, I know I don’t have many regular readers. I know my soulmate will be reading this, Hi yeobs! You know who you are. So yes, I have decided to write a post a week. I have been away for quite a while but now I’m back.
I’ve missed writing. I was watching Suchwita today and something Namjoon and Yoongi were talking about made so much sense. It was on the lines of ‘writing music is like pooping for the mind’. The sense behind it was that writing music is like emptying the mind of all that is going on. And for me, writing here or in my diary is just that.
It has been so long since I’ve written a post that my mind has not been settled up. Rarely do I write in my diary, so that wasn’t enough either. There has been so much going on that I don’t even have any happy inspiration to write about Minseok and Mackenzie or Minhyuk and Daniella. But they are happy living their lives together. Will get back to them when the time is right.
For now, I will be sticking to random life posts. Frenchvanilla may get a sad and dark place on its vast property. So welcome to the bottom of the ocean(metaphor), where I will be for a while to get the strength to get back up to the surface.
Don’t worry, the bottom of the ocean is a place in my mind where I take myself when I need rest. It formed when there was hell in my life, I hated being there. But over time I found peace there. Now I don’t get pushed down there, I swim down there. There is a nice couch where I sit and just be.
So, welcome to Frenchvanilla – The Dark Side Of The Moon.

Getting Off The Battlefield

Since starting to write again, I feel like I’ve opened the emotional floodgates. For a long time I just stopped processing things that happened. I turned to Instagram and TV shows to ignore the emotions. But now since ‘the post a week resolution’, some days are too much to handle. But I have to do…

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