siberian husky beside woman sitting on gray rock mountain hill while watching aerial view


I would love to have the superpower of healing. I would heal my dog and get rid of his problems.

dog sitting on rug overlooking green leafed plants
Dog Tales

Quarantined Dog’s Life – Log One

Woof-Woof! I’m Benjamin, but you can call me Benji. I’m a cute little beagle who is fed up of being stuck in the house. So, I thought of blogging about my days indoors, just as a hobby, you know? Bow-wow-wow… Today was a very exciting day, my Mommy took me down, well sort of. We… Continue reading Quarantined Dog’s Life – Log One

dream birthday cover final
Perfect Snapshots

Make A Wish

It was eleven o’clock in the night, an hour before my birthday. My sister and I had finally made it to Lake 192 in South Korea. We had decided to make this dream trip happen on my previous birthday. And Ta-da, here we were, sitting at the picnic table with our puppies Benjamin(Beagle) and Whiskey(Doberman).… Continue reading Make A Wish