Quarantined Dog’s Life – Log One

Woof-Woof! I’m Benjamin, but you can call me Benji. I’m a cute little beagle who is fed up of being stuck in the house. So, I thought of blogging about my days indoors, just as a hobby, you know? Bow-wow-wow…

Today was a very exciting day, my Mommy took me down, well sort of. We ran up and down the steps outside my house. I wonder why she didn’t take me down to the garden. But whatever, at least we got out the front door.

And guess what, we went outside the house twice today! Woffiti-Woof-Woof! My legs are paining from running on the steps but I feel so good. Mommy and I finally went outside together. We used to go down very often after she came home from work.

Our night walks were the highlight of my day. But nowadays we don’t go out much. And for some time now we hadn’t even stepped out of the house. I have a feeling something scary is outside in the garden.

A while ago I saw a few birds just fall off the tree. I was so shocked and called out to Mommy. I have no idea what happened but I get very scared of that tree now. I don’t look at it anymore.

The only good thing about not going down anymore is that mommy doesn’t go out either. We are stuck in the house together, although some days she rarely steps out of her room upstairs. I wish she would take me up to her room.

But my Grandma doesn’t allow me to go to her room. I wish I wasn’t afraid of that huge staircase, then I would run up to Mommy’s room when Grandma isn’t looking. Grandma shouts at me a lot but I know she loves me.

Mommy wants to take me up too, but Grandma doesn’t let her. So sometimes, she quietly takes me up in the afternoon. I love her room, it is so quiet and comfy. And her bed is so soft, I love taking a good nap on it.

Today was a very good day, we went outside the front door twice and I even got to sleep in her room! Woof-Woof! Love you Mommy!

Now let me see what adventure awaits me this week! I will let y’all know soon! Woof-Woof.

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