Life – A Symphony

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon as I lay on the couch staring up at the ceiling. Benjamin and Whiskey were entertaining themselves playing tug of war with their blankies. Apart from their playful growling, the only sound that filled the house was the pitter-patter of the rain.

The couch was facing a oneway glass wall that looked out onto the lawn. As staring at the ceiling was getting a bit boring, I moved my attention to the scene outside. And it was much more interesting than the ceiling.

There were strong gushes of wind that made the trees sway from side to side as if they were enjoying a beautiful symphony (Primavera). The rain was pouring down continuously and it was getting heavier with every passing minute.

Now and then a streak of lightning would light up the sky followed by thunder. It seemed like I was watching an Orchestra perform, but instead of musical instruments, it was nature showcasing its power.

I rolled the piano to the front of the glass wall and played a few pieces. Now it felt like nature stopped their showcase and was enjoying my performance. The trees, the wind, the rain, they seemed to be enjoying the piano.

It was a nice feeling. But in reality, nothing changed. There was a storm outside and I was indoors playing the piano. The only difference was the way I looked at the scene. Isn’t life just like this, a matter of perspective?

There are times in life when we feel like we are just watching our life go by. And then there are certain moments when we feel like we controlled the way our life is unfolding.

But life goes on just the way the Man Upstairs has planned it.

Some days may be a Moonlight Sonata, others a Clair de lune and some Tsuna Awakens. You could say life is a symphony to be accepted and we need to trust Him as the movements unfold.


“Minseok, no one believes me.” “I believe you. You don’t need anyone else.” Both of us were seated on the couch. Min-Min had his arm on my shoulders and we were staring at my phone screen. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. It wasn’t driven by emotions because I had reached the stage of being…

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