Make A Wish

It was eleven o’clock in the night, an hour before my birthday. My sister and I had finally made it to Lake 192 in South Korea. We had decided to make this dream trip happen on my previous birthday. And Ta-da, here we were, sitting at the picnic table with our puppies Benjamin(Beagle) and Whiskey(Doberman).

“Allie, I’m going inside, these insects are bugging me…”


Kiki ran towards the house with Benji and Whiskey in tow. I continued to sit at the picnic table, that was lit up by a few candles that we picked up at the airport. They were vanilla scented, my favourite. It left a yummy fragrance all around.

a sweet call cover

It was a cool night, a light breeze blew every now and then. The only sound that filled the air were the crickets and an occasional howl from our puppies. As I looked up at the sky, I was mesmerized by the scene above me.

It was a full moon night, with dark clouds moving slowly across the sky. It was an eerie sight, yet I couldn’t look away. I tried clicking a picture, but my phone camera could not capture its beauty, so I put the phone away.

dream birthday moon

Suddenly, I heard a tinkling sound, it gave me goosebumps. I was all set to make a run for it when I saw three figures walking towards me from the house. The taller one was carrying a huge cake that looked like…it was on fire? (Fire – BTS)

As they got closer, I realized it was covered with a number of tiny lit up candles. And I recognized the three figures – Benji and Whiskey were on either side of Kiki, walking up to me. But something didn’t seem right with the puppies, their heads looked…….deformed?

As they got closer, I realized Kiki had put antlers on them *phew*, I laughed to myself, why was I so creeped out? Must be the moonlit night.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLIE!!”, Kiki yelled and placed the cake on the table.

I smiled and then I was horror-struck.


She was wearing a black hooded cloak. And her face was freakishly white. To top it all off, her lips were painted black with some red stuff dripping down its sides.

“Booo”, she made her funny face and I was not creeped out anymore. I started laughing.


“I was scared until you said booo…”, I said, still laughing.

“Haha, pig, Happy Birthday”

“Thank you my sister. When did you plan all this?”, I asked and gave her a bear hug.

“Yuck”, she said but continued hugging me.

“I baked the cake just now”

“What?” (All In – Stray Kids)

“Yup, Betty Crocker’s Chocolate Fudge Cake”

“Woowwww” (WOW – Stray Kids)

“And the costumes?”

“I packed everything from home, now c’mon let’s sing and cut the cake”



So we sang and I blew out the candles. We stuffed our faces with cake and gave our puppies a couple of treats that Kiki had packed from home.

That night, we stayed out until four in the morning. We played music using our portable Bluetooth speaker. Our playlist included BTS, Stray Kids, Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes and a couple of other Artists.

The sound quality was amazing, thanks to the surroundings. It echoed, making us feel like we were engulfed in the songs from all sides. It felt like we were at our own private concert.

As we grew tired, we decided to call it a night. Benji and Whiskey had already fallen asleep on the lawn, so we had to carry them inside the house *our cute little puppies*. We were about to lock the doors when were heard…


Both of us ran outside to see what it was (surprisingly our puppies did not get up). It looked like it was coming from the trees at the other end of the lawn. We heard the sound again, giving us the chills. Then we saw a huge white object fly across the sky.

It took us a minute to realise it was an Owl. It flew across the sky a couple of times.

dream birthday owl

“May be it’s Hedwig saying ‘Hi’”, I joked.

Kiki just rolled her eyes.

“Laugh Dwaeki”

“I’m going to sleep”

“Ok ok, good night child”

“Stop talking like a wise old lady”

“I am old”

“Ok grandma, now c’mon I want to sleep”

“Ok aunty, let me lock up”

“Palli wa”

“Araso araso”

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