Food Therapy – Part 1


“WaE, wAe, waE, WAE?!

Minseok sat bolt upright on the couch.

It was early morning, I had stepped out for a morning stroll with our puppies Benjamin and Whiskey. Min was still asleep in bed when we left. He must’ve come down to the couch and dozed off while we were out.

“Huh! You’re here?! You gave me the fright of my life”, I said being overdramatic.

“You scared me, Kenzie”, he said rubbing his eyes and yawning.

I ran up to the couch and took a seat next to him.


I waited for him to look at me.

“Yes, baby”, he said, looking all warm and fuzzy. *cute*

“I am fed up with this pandemic, seriously fed up. This work from home is killing me. There is so much of pressure at the office, I can’t take it anymore! Gaaaahhhhhh! I can’t go out, I can’t travel, I can’t do anything!”

“I know, I know”, he said and wrapped his arms around me. He gently rested his head on my shoulder.

“But look at the bright side, you’re stuck with me”, he said and put his face right in front of mine, “World. Wide. Handsome.” and winked.

I rolled my eyes, “yes, yes”, and I gently patted his head back on my shoulder.

“Huh? You…you didn’t fall for my looks”, he said feigning sadness.


“What?!”, he said startled and again put his pretty face right in front of mine.

“I fell for what’s on the inside”, I said and placed my palm on his chest.

“So, you’re with me only for my body…”, he said and folded his arms across his chest in a huff, still putting on a dramatic show.

“Aish…”, I rolled my eyes again and got up to leave.

“Kenzie! I’m just kidding”, he said and pulled me across his lap, wrapping his arms around me.

“So tell me…”, he said and brushed his nose against mine, playfully.


“You were saying something about being trusfrated (Jungkookie reference…lol), I mean frustrated…”

“Oh yes! Yes! So, I have decided that today we are going to have a feast…”

“I AM IN!”, Min’s eyes lit up when he heard the word ‘feast’.

Both of us were into food, but he was on a strict diet and didn’t get to go all out very often. I, on the other hand, ate a lot quite often, although nowadays I’ve cut down on my sudden food outbursts thanks to Min.

I eat healthy with him and it actually makes me feel good on the inside. But Not Today (Not Today – BTS) Today We EAT!

“So, what’s the menu? Let’s go to the supermarket!”

“Already done”, I said and pointed at the kitchen counter.

“What?!” (All In – Stray Kids)

“Yup”, I smiled at him all proud of myself.

He picked me up bridal-style and walked on over to the kitchen to inspect the haul.

“Did you buy the entire store?”, he asked as he placed me on the kitchen counter next to the grocery bags.

“There were a lot of deals…”

“I see, I see…”

Suddenly, he stopped checking out the ingredients and walked up to me. He put his palms on either side of my face and kissed me.

“Woah, what was that for?”, I asked, blushing.

“I can’t wait to cook all this and feast with you”, he said smiling, and hugged me tight.

I giggled and kissed him on his cheek.

Today was going to be one heck of a food dream!

A Sweet Call

It was pitch dark outside, except for the string of lights Min set up at the picnic table. It kind of reminded me of the current scene around the world. COVID-19 – the darkness, tiny sparks of happiness – the picnic table. It was quite late at night, but I couldn’t help myself. That bright…

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