Food Therapy – Part 2

Minseok and Mackenzie spent the entire morning cooking up their favourite dishes. It was a break from their routine they didn’t know they needed. Not many words were exchanged between them, just a peck on the lips or a kiss on the cheek while they crossed paths in their kitchen.

The number of dishes they cooked up could last them a week. Here is a glimpse into their food fiesta:

They ended their day at the picnic table. Min’s lighting was still in place, but he turned the tabletop into a makeshift bed. He set up the bench as a doggo bed for Benjamin and Whiskey.

But as the night went by, the puppies joined Min and Kenzie on the tabletop. The four of them were snuggled up against each other, keeping the cold of the night at bay.

The starry night above, Min and Kenzie wrapped in each other’s arms, and their puppies cuddled up with them – it was the perfect end to a perfect day.

Food Therapy – Part 1

“MIN!!!!!!!!!!” “WaE, wAe, waE, WAE?! Minseok sat bolt upright on the couch. It was early morning, I had stepped out for a morning stroll with our puppies Benjamin and Whiskey. Min was still asleep in bed when we left. He must’ve come down to the couch and dozed off while we were out. “Huh! You’re…

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