Safe To Remove Seatbelt

Recently, I watched an episode of BTS Bon Voyage. And it was in this episode I heard a familiar sound that triggered me. It was a simple chime of a bell, but it brought on a flood of emotions that took me by surprise. What was it? – The standard ‘safe to remove seatbelt’ alarm you hear in an airplane.

Travelling has always been a part of my life, although sometimes it was forced on me by family. But once I started working and earning money, the world became my playground. Nothing seemed impossible, saving up for a couple of months was the doorway to a trip abroad.

And the trip to Singapore was the starting point of this dream. It was the only one that materialized though. A couple of things happened and I had to place this dream on the back burner. But last year, I was back in action – 2020 was the year I was supposed to do another trip.

London and a train ride to Paris was one of the tour packages on my list. And the Dubai Expo 2020 was another trip I had on my mind. But COVID-19 happened and none of my plans saw the light of day. Not being able to travel didn’t really bother me until I heard the ‘safe to remove seatbelt’ alarm on that BTS Bon Voyage episode.

That’s when sadness hit me because I have no idea when travelling abroad for a holiday will be safe again. And to top it all off, another place has grown on me during the lockdown – South Korea. I really want to visit this country. It seems like a beautiful place through the videos I’ve seen online and the K-dramas that have become my happy place.

The best and worst part is that a trip to South Korea is within my grasp, but because of COVID-19, I cannot make it happen right now. It really makes me feel sad. I know it is not something to cry over, there are bigger problems in life, but having that option to travel abroad holds a special place in my life.

At least I realized this after hearing that sweet seatbelt alarm. It was a bell that triggered an epiphany – travelling is a part of my life. For now, all I can do is make a list of the places I would like to visit when it is safe to plan a holiday abroad.

South Korea is the first place I’m going to travel to once it is possible. I just need to go and see this place in real life. And a visit to Lake 192 is top priority. I’m going to sit on the swing set facing the lake and enjoy the scene before me – the still lake waters, the mountains in the distance, and a clear blue sky completing the picture-perfect shot.

The day will come when I get on the plane to South Korea. Dreaming of this makes me happy. Until then, I’m going to double-tap beautiful pictures of places on Instagram and save a few to my collection.

Maybe one day, I’ll be posting a picture of a place I’ve visited online. And that click may find its way into someone else’s dream holiday collection.

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