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BTS – The Next Level

Yesterday I heard the news about the indefinite break. I was cool with it until night fell. That was when it hit home. I feel very connected to the BTS members. The ‘Bangtan Sonyeondan’ life is intricately linked to my life and my best friend’s life. It is something that I cannot put into words.… Continue reading BTS – The Next Level


Happy Birthday Soulmate!

IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY! WOOHOOO! PARTAY-PARTAY-YEAH! Source: https://tenor.com Hi Yeobs, here we are again, one year later! And – drumroll please – you’ve entered the BTS world! Lachimolala Source: https://tenor.com This is one of those birthday’s where we cross a certain milestone. You may be experiencing a burst of panic attacks followed by a spell of… Continue reading Happy Birthday Soulmate!