Happy Birthday Soulmate!



Hi Yeobs, here we are again, one year later! And – drumroll please – you’ve entered the BTS world! Lachimolala

This is one of those birthday’s where we cross a certain milestone. You may be experiencing a burst of panic attacks followed by a spell of numbing calmness. Or, you may be over it already. But just know that there is someone in Bombay who loves you and knows exactly what you are feeling.

Word of advice from a person 10 days older than you (and who you were consoling and trying to calm down not many days ago) – There is no solution other than not giving a fuck. Call me when you want to talk and let’s exhaust the panic and sadness together and go back to being unbothered by the age, what say uri chingu?

Now, sentimental time.

Yes, we have been friends for 13 years. But I think we go way back to our previous lives too. Our soulmate vibe has kinda already made that quite clear. I’m guessing we fought in some war together or we had some kind of really intense past that bound our fates.

It is highly likely we even crossed the Samdo Bridge together.

Yes, to infinity and beyond yeobs, to infinity and beyond.

The newest addition to our friendship is Taehyung and Jimin aka VMIN.

If it wasn’t for you, I would not have seen their friendship. And what a find it was! (I will always cherish the times you’ve told me why Tae reminds you of me) We can actually see our friendship in them. You are Jimin for me. JIMINSHI! You may not see it, but you are the spark in my life (Listen to ‘My Universe’). There are times when you’ve pulled me out of the dark place and there are times when you’ve just lay next to me at the bottom of the ocean.

We are best friends, soulmates, everything – in the most platonic way, but, it is something else. I think we may be the only ones on this planet who love each other so much but not in a love-love way. Well, I love-love you, but you know what I mean.

Dude, you are the strongest person I know. You have overcome so much and survived. And now, you’ve reached a point where you can think of living. You have started taking control of your life and are making an attempt to live it your way. (You inspire me, Lobe You)

Anyways dude, let’s have a great year. This time next year we may have gone to South Korea and come back too, who knows (Sudden burst of excitement). Or, we may have attended a concert?! (YOU KNOW WHOSE CONCERT RIGHT?! ) *fainted*

Once again Happy Birthday my daughter. Enjoy your day and let’s talk tonight as usual. Saranghae <3

My Person – Mendonca

Hi Mendonca! Happy Birthday! This one is in honour of You – My Person. So, without further ado, let’s begin. So, Mendonca and I have known each other since 2nd grade. We weren’t close friends, but you could say we were friends. It was more like we knew each other existed and for a couple…

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  1. I love you sooooo much dude! You’re the spark in my life too! Always have been. It’s your presence that keeps me going.. I love you to infinity and beyond❤

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