Over It

You know what, I don’t care anymore. I’m over it.

I’m fed up of being misunderstood, I’m fed up of people assuming something about me. I’m fed up of caring about this. Go ahead, misunderstand me, make assumptions, I’m over it.

My first impressions are either a hit or a miss. When it is a miss, over time people come to know the real me and let go of their previous assumptions. I care about these things and it gets me down.

But now, no more, you think something about me, go ahead. Sooner or later, you’ll know you judged wrong.

Do you see the cover photo at the top? That plant sprouted suddenly out of nowhere. It just came up quietly with one of my potted plants.

I didn’t take much care of it, but it just stayed the same until this day.

First, it was growing as an extra with one of my plants. Then I replanted this little one in one of my Mum’s pots and didn’t look at it for months. But it survived. Then recently, I decided to give it a permanent home and take care of it.

This plant inspires me. All these months it didn’t grow and it didn’t wilt. It stayed the same. It survived. I look at this plant’s journey and apply it to life.

There are times when you don’t have the strength to go on. You don’t have the will or the ability to grow. It’s ok, just hang on. Just be the same. You may not see it but this is you making progress. Staying strong and not wilting is the victory.

Whoever is out there feeling stuck or lost or completely broken, don’t beat yourself up over it. You are still here. You may be a shell of a person you once were or you may be in the eye of the storm.

Whichever phase you are in, comfort yourself. You’ve made it this far. And for now, don’t push yourself too much. Sometimes the comfort zone is where we need to be. So just be.

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