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Sanely Reckless

I survived Covid. And this was the start of a completely new book in my life. The title – I Don’t Care. Something hit home when I was not well – Death can come for us at any moment in time. And then it’s over, like game over. This makes most of the things that… Continue reading Sanely Reckless

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The Truth – Does It Really Set You Free?

Over the past two years, I have realised one thing – the truth doesn’t set you free in the way you would think it would. Rather, it locks you up in a dungeon where everyone scorns you. No one cares about the truth if it turns their world upside down. People would rather dismiss the… Continue reading The Truth – Does It Really Set You Free?


Next Book On My Reading List

‘Witness To Hope’ by George Weigel - technically it is not on my reading list since I have started reading it. "Be Not Afraid" - these are the words that got me interested in learning about the person behind them - Saint John Paul II. Here is the entire quote: 'I plead with you, never,… Continue reading Next Book On My Reading List

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Be Not Afraid

Do you see the title up there? These are the words that drew my attention to the person who inspires me - Saint John Paul II. I think I came across this quote on Pinterest and that too at a time I needed this quote the most. Usually, I am always fearful or you could… Continue reading Be Not Afraid